What Makes Your Sauce Slap?

What Makes Your Sauce Slap?

The Sauce is what flavors your creative endeavors. Here is a list to help you make a sauce that no one is going to forget!


  1. Discover Your Jam: Figure out what art form really gets your creative juices flowing. What's your signature style? Find the sweet spot where your passion meets what people are into.

  2. Check Out the Scene: Scope out the art world – who's buying what? What's the buzz? Knowing your potential customers and their tastes is golden.

  3. Game Plan: Scribble down your ideas for making this art thing your day job. Goals, plans, numbers – everything that'll help you turn your passion into profit.

  4. Branding is Key: Cook up a name, a logo, and an online home for your art. You want people to recognize your stuff from a mile away.

  5. Show and Tell: Decide what you'll be selling – paintings, prints, workshops? Your audience wants to know what goodies you're bringing to the party.

  6. Price Tag Tactics: Price your art right – consider the time and materials that go into it, but also what folks are willing to pay.

  7. Get Online Savvy: Hop onto the internet train. A website and social media are like your virtual art gallery – make it pop! 

  8. Meet Your Tribe: Hang out with fellow artists and art lovers. Networking can lead to awesome opportunities.

  9. Tell Your Tale: Share your journey on social media – from sketches to finished pieces. People love a good artist story.

  10. Spread the Word: Market yourself like a champ. Show off your art wherever you can – online, local events, coffee shops – you name it.

  11. Treat Clients Like Gold: Give excellent service. Happy customers are likely to come back and bring their buddies.

  12. Handle Your Dough: Keep track of what's coming in and going out. It's not all about the fun stuff – you've got to handle the business side too.

  13. Stay Adaptable: Art trends change like the weather. Keep an eye on what's hot and be ready to shift gears if needed.

  14. Never Stop Learning: Keep growing as an artist. Take classes, learn new techniques, and stay curious. This should be number one, but I chose it last to recap. What makes your sauce irresistible is your skill and how you present it to others. The more that you learn, the more you can apply to your craft.   

Remember, turning your art into a full-time gig is like crafting a masterpiece – it takes time, effort, skill and a whole lot of heart. But the thrill of making a living doing what you love? That's the dream!